• Simplicity:

    FidelityAgent gives you the ability to run quick, easy, and accurate estimates for your buyers and seller

  • County Specific:

    We’ve preloaded local county specific title rates, closing costs, lender fees, and city specific property tax rates.

  • Use It Anywhere:

    Take the app anywhere you go on your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Customize:

    Customize your closing costs, and brand your printouts and emails with your photo and company logo.

  • Buyers Quick Estimate:

    FidelityAgent delivers the ability to answer questions that come up while house shopping. After simply entering in a house price, this program provides the total monthly payment, (PITI) itemized closing costs, and also the due at closing figures.

  • Seller's Net Sheet:

    Regardless of price, neighborhood, or motivation, every seller wants to know the same thing: how much they will net at close. Run a net sheet in seconds from anywhere.

  • My PITI:

    Most buyers today are living in house payments and not house prices. My PITI breaks that desired total monthly payment down into a range of house prices depending on the down payment. My PITI is a perfect for open houses.